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Success Story Email
Email: "I finally took my snow shoes to the golf course yesterday. And NO problem! I'm so glad I tried them this year." 
Me: Can you share more of your story to help us understand why this is so exciting for you?
Email: "3 years ago I tried using my snow shoes and made it to the top of my street - 100 yards? But my knees were having none of it. Then 2 years ago I tried again in my back yard, similar result, I felt unstable and was unable to walk in them. I was bummed because I loved to be out in my snow shoes and last year I didn't even try."
Me: What happened this year?
Email: "This year I was going to sell or give them away. My snow shoes are expensive and are just too nice to go unused & they made me very sad seeing them in the basement. But before I did anything, I thought I'd test the bindings. To my delight I walked around my yard a couple of times without a problem - a very unexpected outcome. Since then I've been tamping down pathways for my dog in the yard, each time staying out longer and carving more trails. I'm up to a mile now!"
Me: What made the difference from this year to the previous years?
Email: "The two manual medicine therapy treatments you did on my knees this fall!"



Before working with Becky, I had been given the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia/Chronic Pain Syndrome. I had just begun my “Dream Job” of an occupational therapist where using my hands and being on my feet all day were parts of the requirements for my job –I felt defeated. I had worked so hard for so long to get to this point in my career and now felt like it was causing me physical pain. I had been suffering from joint pain in my hands, knees, feet, elbows and fatigue. I even began to stop cooking and baking and participating in craft projects (activities that I previously enjoyed) due to pain in my hands. When I was diagnosed I was angry. While I met all of the “requirements” of the diagnosis for Fibromyalgia; I refused to accept it and let it define me. That’s when I made the decision to see Becky. After just four one on one sessions with Becky, I was back to running—without pain, working with my hands –without pain, cooking and baking again—pain free, and participating in all of my meaningful activities again—pain free! Today, I don’t have Fibromyalgia or Chronic Pain Syndrome. I didn’t let myself accept those diagnoses –but I did get help to work through the physical pain. I am so grateful to Becky today for helping me get back to doing the things I love! 

  "From another Occupational Therapist"



Professional Bodywork + Horses: 50 minutes of bodywork in the barn followed 25 minutes of a therapeutic horse session

I loved my bodywork session and the equine movement session afterwards! Thank you, again. I really liked how I could 'feel' my movement changes while on the horse and be in-tune to that. I felt relaxed following our session!



RY was 13yo when she fell on a wet slippery floor and hurt her left hip. Life went on and as an adult she bought her first horse with the hope of competing in horseshows. Her riding instructor tried many methods to help RY and her horse with their left lead with little progress until she noticed the lack of movement in RY's left hip and recommended bodywork. After a mini-intensive and 6 months of once a month follow-up, RY was able to achieve her dream and show her horse!


Women's MINI INTENSIVE: 5 hours scheduled in a 1 week timeframe to Ignite Your Healing Journey

Bodywork Therapy

Since 2003 I had frequent neck pain, I also have a shoulder that is significantly lower than the other. While taking riding lessons, I was working on my drooping shoulder and was quite frustrated. I just couldn't get my shoulders centered. I knew Becky Cook was certified in body work so I started doing research. I learned that there is an intense myofascial release process that research showed improvements in mobility and chronic pain. I set up the 5 sessions in 1 week, a  Mini Intensive with Becky. And I no longer have a pain in my neck! My shoulder still droops but it's not significant. I think anyone with chronic pain should investigate myofascial release as a treatment option. I also endorse Becky Cook as a therapist, her education credentials are stellar and she is so darn honest. When she evaluates you she will let you know if she thinks she can help you or not.

     "Ex-Pain in the Neck"


BC broke her ankle 3 times when she was a child and now reaching middle age, she noticed that foot turning outward. Having worked in a nursing home, she wanted to be proactive about preventing deformity that would lead to future problems she saw in the people she cared for. She scheduled an initial session and 3 follow-up bodywork sessions and noticed immediate improvement in her ankle position and a new found freedom of movement.


PACKAGE OF SESSIONS: 3 one-hour sessions scheduled as you desire within a 6-month timeframe from purchase

Myofascial Release for Mother and Daughter

My daughter has cerebral palsy, and is 14 years old. Therapy at The Right Step really is our only successful therapy and she looks forward to each session. MFR has been very positive for her, she gets a lot of tightness and MFR helps her body to heal and that keeps her from being in pain all of the time. There are so many benefits it's hard to just pick a few. I get tight too and Becky has worked on my foot pain during the same session as my daughter and I've experienced much appreciated relief as well!

     "Stacy M"


KY had a minor biking accident and hurt her right knee several years ago. She works at a computer most of the day and enjoys her dogs at home but was avoiding jogging with them due to knee pain. She scheduled a manual medicine bodywork session. Right away there was a noticable difference and KY went home to jog painfree with her dogs.


PC was scheduled for back surgery and completed bodywork sessions 2-3 times a month for 3 months prior to her surgery. The bodywork helped with relaxation and pain relief and her surgery was a success! 




Wholistic Manual Medicine Therapy (MMT) - A Mother's request for Help

Our son was ill and hospitalized with an IV and very bad stomach pains. He has autism and this was a difficult time for him, continuing with pain at discharge home. Becky came over to our house with her traveling massage table and performed a series of manual release stretches (the immune sequence) and we were very surprised when our son felt so much better that he began jumping and running around. The stretches gave him a much needed break from his pain and we were very grateful.

     "The Moltons"



Our totally unique system "Transformational Massage Therapy" is a hybrid of medical therapy and traditional massage! 

Are you ready to initiate your body's natural healing power? 
Imagine being able to ...
  1. Transform pain into freedom of movement
  2. Bring balance to your body
  3. Listen to your unique symptoms as nature's smoke detector and have guidance interpreting what's wrong
  4. Share your concerns and really be heard
  5. Experience a dynamic path to healing that is simple, safe and natural
Happiness, Joy, Comfort, Relief, Ease, Health
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